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A warm welcome to the Voices from the Road podcast.


It’s an exciting new project in which we create and build a fascinating audio archive capturing the widest possible range of motoring memories – starting way back in 1932.

The Voices from the Road podcast logo.

Members of the production team have been out and about in recent months, collecting motoring stories from years gone by. These stories could be individual accounts of road journeys, exciting adventures and achievements from specific years… as well as more noteworthy developments in road safety, vehicle technology and motoring law. The key thing is the people telling the stories... it’s all about real life on the road. Don’t forget, you can enjoy listening to any of our podcast recordings as individual items in their own right. Just browse through the growing library of content, choose the year and have a listen! We think just about everyone will have a tale worth telling from their experiences on the road. Passing a driving test, trying out a brand-new car, trying to cope on a troublesome journey… anything’s possible as we seek to assemble a worthwhile and extensive archive of motoring history for Voices from the Road. We also acknowledge the very sad memories that many families may carry of a loved one lost in a road collision. Part of our commitment is to help ensure their memory lives on.

Voices from the Road is a 90th anniversary project launched for GEM Motoring Assist

Meet the Team

Our team have been out and about collecting your motoring stories.

Don't be afraid to get in touch with your stories.

Portrait photo of Valerie Singleton


Valerie Singleton OBE

Valerie Singleton is probably most well remembered for her work as one of the leading television presenters for the BBC series Blue Peter. Since leaving the series in the early 70s Valerie has continued to work in television, radio and print media on a variety of topics. Joining Blue Peter as a presenter in 1962 Valerie had already spent several years appearing on stage and working as a voice-over artist and continuity announcer. After Blue Peter, Valerie continued to make guest appearances as a roving reporter on the series but also established herself as a television presenter for a variety of other shows and covering a number of diverse topics including the current affairs shows Nationwide and Tonight and the financial series The Money Programme. In her capacity as a television presenter, Valerie has been called upon to interview a variety of guests, from Hollywood stars to politicians and from captains of industry to high achieving children. Valerie’s talents and achievements as a TV presenter led to the awarding of an OBE by Queen Elizabeth II.

    Portrait photo of James Luckhurst


    James Luckhurst

    James cut his teeth in local radio reporting during the late 1980s. He auditioned successfully as a BBC World Service announcer in 1990, and worked for some years in continuity, news and features. His current work portfolio embraces magazine editing, reports-writing, video production, voice-overs and communications training. He has a long association with the road safety and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist, for whom he has created several successful video resources. His Project EDWARD (Every Day Without A Road Death) initiative, created in 2015, won a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in 2018 and has established itself as a highlight in the road safety calendar. Away from work he finds time to volunteer as a special constable with the roads policing unit near his home in mid Wales.

    • @JamesLuckhurst
    A set of British road signs from different eras.

    We would love to hear from you if you have an idea to contribute to the Voices from the Road podcast! We have assembled a small editorial panel whose members will consider the merits of your idea. Once it gets the thumbs-up, we can agree the format of your contribution, and how the recording will take place. In its simplest form, it can be done via an online meeting, but if it deserves a little extra attention, then a recording on location or with a group of others is also possible. Do get in touch with your idea!

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